Cannes it is!

I look forward to Cannes each year. It’s all about films, creativity, art and fashion. Further, the leading ladies of our film industry will grace the Cannes Film Festival 2018. Deepika Padukone has already swept us off with 4 looks for today and I can’t stop looking at those outfits. The looks are just so WOW!!! Take a look and tell me which ones your favorite.

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10 Royal Ways to Date Mangoes – The King of Fruits

Yaay! I am back. Summers have settled down and this season always calls for yummy delicious mango treats to beat the heat while dating your tummy. Fajetos, sweets, main-course , desserts or drinks, you name it and we have it. So I though to list down a few royal mango recipes that are not just rich in nutrition, they’re also a visual treat for almost any of its variant and are super easy to make at any given hour of the day.

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Recipe: Eggless Ginger Gud/Gur/Jaggery Cake (Whole Wheat Cake)

We use sugar in so many unknown ways and it’s exciting to know that in a lot of ways it can be replaced with Jaggery or gud. It adds that natural sweetness to the dish and is totally healthy so you can eat without taking a guilt trip.

Cakes are something we all adore. These tiny babies make up for all right reasons and seasons. So today we’re heading for a yummy, quick and a delicious meal option for anyone and everyone. Whole Wheat Ginger Jaggery Cake

Whole wheat flour (2 cups); Jaggery/Gud (1 Cup); Yogurt or Curd (1 Cup); Refined Oil (3/4 Cup); Cinnamon Powder (1 pinch); Ginger Powder (1/2 tsp); Cooking Soda (1/2 spn); Cooking Powder (1/2 spn); Vanilla Essence (1 tsp); Assorted Nuts (Walnuts, Raisins, Almonds etc.)

Mix all dry ingredients in one bowl (Flour, Cinnamon Powder, Ginger Powder, Cooking Soda, Cooking Powder and all wet ingredients in another (Curd, Oil) and blend them well.  Microwave or heat the Gud/Jaggery till it melts. Then add it to the curd and oil mixture and mix it well. Then add all dry ingredients into the wet ones. Mix all of it to make a smooth batter. Add the batter to a greased cake pan/tray. Ready to hit the microwave. Pre heat it to 180 degree (C) and bake it at 160 for 20-25 minutes. Once done. let it cool and serve!

Tips/Hacks: If you haven’t used Jaggery earlier, you might want to adjust the sweetness. Once you get into the habit of regularly using Jaggery, it’ll be easy to gauge the quantity. You can add fruits and nuts (after soaking them overnight or 2 hours atleast) on the crust or inside the batter to add more flavor and taste.

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Let me know if you’ve tried this earlier. Pour your thoughts in the comments below.

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Recipe: Gud/Gur Ka Halwa

Winters are ongoing and we all want to ensure that the increase in appetite not just takes care of our food cravings but also nourishes our health. Halwa is an Indian dessert that has a number of variations depending upon the season, ingredients, flavors and geography. Jaggery is a great healthy, natural sweetener and a safe winter food that is a perfect way to sweetness instead of indulging in white sugar. It naturally lifts up your digestive system, boosts immunity, relieves constipation (common in winters) and helps increase the iron count in our bodies, just to name a few. Hence, the practice in Indian households to binge on a tea/tablespoon of Jaggery after meals, especially in winters. I am talking about a very simple recipe Gud/Gur Ka Halwa. Easy, delicious and a healthy option to add to the post meal sweet tooth cravings or a healthy snacking dish either in mornings, evenings or occasional gatherings.

Ingredients: Milk (1/2 cup); Saffron (A  pinch soaked in water for an hour); Water (2 Cups); Jaggery (100-120 gms melted in hot water. Do not cook. Just add it in water and heat the mixture till Jaggery melts); Cardamom Powder (3/4 tsp); Melted Ghee (6 – 7 tbsp); Semolina (1 cup); Assorted Nuts.

Method: Add cardamom powder to Jaggery mixture, mix it and keep it aside. Use a kadhai (medium sized pan) and fry Semolina in melted ghee. On a medium flame fry it till it becomes golden brown in color and turns aromatic. Now add the Saffron and Jaggery mixture to Semolina, cook on high flame and stir continuously till Semolina absorbs all water and becomes like a thick paste. It starts to leave the pan. Once, you get the consistency of a paste, take it off the pan and garnish it with nuts and a string of Saffron. Serve hot!

Tips/Hacks: Adjust the quantity of Jaggery according to the sweetness you want. You can also make this halwa by using wheat flour. Nuts can be Powdered/Crunchy/Whole. They can be raw or dry roasted or lightly fried in ghee as you may like it. You can also use sesame seeds to garnish. You can use food colors if you want your dessert in a particular. It’s ideal to leave it in a natural shade though 😉

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Hope this adds the sweetness and health in your diet and winters! 🙂

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HappY New Year!

Here’s me wishing all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’ve been a bit late because of some health issues but it’s just a week so I guess I am not too late. The vibe is still here right! I hope to make 2018 a lot more healthy than 2017. That’s my year resolution to say it out loud. So I am planning to engage in a lot of related content (recipes, hotspots, handbooks, hacks, meal plans and stuff on this blog). Now there’s this whole lot of information but I’ll be limiting myself to vegetarian only because I am one. But yes, I borrow a lot of ideas from non-veg recipes too (like using paneer instead of chicken and still enjoying food) so that bit of cheating will happen.

So I welcome all like minded folks to connect with me and we’ll make 2018 fun, healthy and totally worth it! Cheers and love from India!

5 Louis Vuitton Bags to welcome 2018

The year is about to close and so is the festive vibe but what we all can welcome 2018 with are these 5 Louis Vuitton bags that will keep the festive fervor with us wherever we go. Here are 5 picks that I think are fab (Did I mention they’re from the latest Cruise 2018 collection?). Share your views in the comments below.



Eyeshadow Colors For Summers

We have almost entered April. Think hot days, summer coolers and lots of water sports. Fashion and styling in summers is meant to be light, fresh and playful. Bright but light colors, minimal makeup and lots of liquids are what days look like. So thought of talking about some colors to look forward to in the coming season.

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Summer Dresses 2017

Fashion is not always about rules I believe. You can always follow the trend and make your own rules. Experimenting is essential as it helps you evolve and know your style better. My preferences are mostly subtle, girly, feminine and childlike. Fashion blogging I feel is going to change that. Summers are here and it is time to set in flowy dresses, floral prints and light fabrics. How I love it.

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Fight For Aarey – The Natural Ecosystem Of Mumbai

Beginning a new journey on this blog. I am going to talk about a cause close to my heart and my lifestyle. Mumbai is blessed with a natural biodiversity and a green lung that silently resides in the interiors of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SNGP). It is popularly called Aarey Colony, a luscious green belt in Mumbai Suburbs.

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Humming the tunes on 3 of my most passionate topics. Fitness, Fashion and Lifestyle. Lot of newness but all I am hoping right now is to be able to put all the things that are on my mind feed.

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