10 Royal Ways to Date Mangoes – The King of Fruits

Yaay! I am back. Summers have settled down and this season always calls for yummy delicious mango treats to beat the heat while dating your tummy. Fajetos, sweets, main-course , desserts or drinks, you name it and we have it. So I though to list down a few royal mango recipes that are not just rich in nutrition, they’re also a visual treat for almost any of its variant and are super easy to make at any given hour of the day.

Mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin A, C and flavonoids. Like any other fruit, Mango helps you build a strong immune system, comes with antioxidants and minerals that complement your overall health. Mangoes are also very comforting for stomach like papayas. It’s rich in fiber and eases your digestive process keeping the colon clean. So if you have or know someone who is suffering from constipation, piles, or spastic colon, Mangoes are the ultimate saviors.

Most of these recipes have milk as a base in some form or the other. That’s because milk forms as an important ingredient in festive recipes especially sweets. Enjoy the treats ūüėÄ

This calls for a quick lowdown on royal ways to date this king of fruits: Here are the recipes:

  1. Mango Kheer – Kheer is a dessert that is usually made during special occasions or festivals by Muslims. It’s tossing milk, whole basmati rice¬† or vermicelli (sevain) with added variations from different regions and experiments by food enthusiasts. Recipe
    Image Source
  2. Mango Phirni/Firni РPhirni and Kheer share a lot of similarities. However, the difference is that Phirni is always served chilled while Kheer can be hot or cold. Phirni is a north Indian dessert and is called Payasam in south India. Phirni is serves  in earthenware. Recipe  
    Image Source
  3. Mango Shrikhand – A cool, creamy and attractive way to engage with yogurt and Mangoes cools down every summer. Recipe
    Image Source
  4. Royal Mango Lassi – Traditionally Lassi is a Punjabi’s way to buttermilk.¬† But its made almost everywhere in India. The ones you get in restaurant aren’t as great as the ones you get in small road shops. But the best is what you can make at home the way you want to.¬† Recipe
    Image Source
  5. Royal Mango Khulfi – Recipe

    Image Source
  6. Royal Mango Basundi – Recipe

    Image Source
  7. Mango Royale – Recipe

    Image Source
  8. Royal Mango Falooda – Recipe

    Image Source
  9. Salad – Recipe

    Image Source
  10. Manglorean Mango Curry – Recipe

    Image Source
  11. Fajeto – Recipe

    Image Source
  12. Mango Burfi – Recipe

    Image Source

So these were pretty much the must haves when it comes to trying out traditional Indian ways of including Mango in a variety of delicacies.

The images are not very apt. I have been in between very tight schedules but did not want to miss this post. I promise to rework on this post and add more stuff where necessary. I have cited the image sources every where. Even then if there are any copyright issues kindly get in touch with me through an email. Thank you to all the bloggers for sharing these amazing treats! Do not fail to try these treats while the season lasts.



Any thoughts?

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