Eyeshadow Colors For Summers

We have almost entered April. Think hot days, summer coolers and lots of water sports. Fashion and styling in summers is meant to be light, fresh and playful. Bright but light colors, minimal makeup and lots of liquids are what days look like. So thought of talking about some colors to look forward to in the coming season.

  1. One color which I totally stand by is turquoise blue. It is cool and light. Works great as a highlight. You can not wear any makeup, just a light shade of eyeshadow and a good lip balm makes you ready for the day.
  2. Purple is the second on my list. It makes you look fresh and flattering. It is classy and versatile.
  3. Peach is one of my favourite shades when it comes to makeup. You can never go wrong with a tint on your eyelids and replicating it on your lips too. It is girly and can work equally well in day as well as night.
  4. If you like experimenting, then green is also a great shade to have in your makeup bag. Different shades of light greens can be splashed to make your outfit stand out. Avoid overindulgence in any other makeup because you do not want to look like a palette.
  5. Yellow is the color of you are a fashionista and love competing the sun. Lemony shades are great.

If you like to keep it simple, nudes are always an option to live it neutral. Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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