Fight For Aarey – The Natural Ecosystem Of Mumbai

Beginning a new journey on this blog. I am going to talk about a cause close to my heart and my lifestyle. Mumbai is blessed with a natural biodiversity and a green lung that silently resides in the interiors of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SNGP). It is popularly called Aarey Colony, a luscious green belt in Mumbai Suburbs.

If you have not been there yet, rush NOW. It is a world in itself. There are people, there is culture, there is food, there is flora and fauna and there are breathtaking picturesque cozy corners. A life that every city dweller craves for in the serene scenes of everything nature.

So what is aching here ? Aarey is about to lose a large number of trees due to developmental initiatives.  Do we need development at the cost of our lives?  These trees share a history with Mumbai. Their importance and impact is beyond giving oxygen.

I cannot talk at length here but I can surely ask for support. If you believe the natural ecosystems can never be replaced, then please ensure you take the charge of the greens in your area. Save trees for they are our friends too. Tree plantations are great but that cannot become a fancy activity of cutting and replanting. We have to save the natural ones and plant more numbers of trees for a city like Mumbai is in need of the same.

There are enough resources available. You can start with a basic online research. Undertake regular meetings to actively talk about the green cover in your vicinity. Take help, information and support from architects and environmentalists. Most importantly get educated and educate people around you. The change then already has started taking place.

I hope this inspires you to atleast start with something. Trees make for your lifestyle.



Any thoughts?

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